Decorative Bottles Guide

Exploring Popular Types of Decorative Bottles

Decorative Bottles come in infinite shapes, sizes and colours – lending themselves beautifully to decor displays. But have you considered lighting up your bottle collection to create a luminous focal feature after dark?

Bottles come in all shapes, sizes, and colours, making them a versatile decorative accent for any room. Whether you collect antique bottles to create a vintage display or use recyclable glass jars and containers, adding decorative bottles can help showcase your style while reciting stories from your travels and adventures.

Decorative Bottles Guide

From funky patterned bottles filled with shells to delicate bud vases holding stems, there are endless creative possibilities for using bottles to embellish everything from sideboards and shelves to windowsills and mantlepieces.

Antique and Vintage Bottles

Decorative Bottles - Antique and Vintage

If you enjoy antiquing or have travelled to older places, you likely had the chance to stumble upon attractive antique and vintage bottles. The list includes apothecary bottles with labels for old medicines and remedies, onion-shaped gin bottles with pressed glass patterns, colourful art-deco perfume bottles, and Victorian face cream jars with lids.

Displaying well-preserved antique glass bottles is a popular way to add a unique vintage aesthetic to your interiors. Group similar bottles together for impact, or incorporate a few into an eclectic mix-and-match lot to add character and tell the stories behind your finds.

Millefiori Decorative Bottles

Millieflori Decorative Bottles

Featuring intricate patterns and swirled vibrant colours which remind viewers of flowers, Millefiori glass originated as early as the 1500s with Italian and French glassblowers. Today, the meticulously handcrafted colourful glass rods are cut into beads, pendants – and decorative tabletop bottles with flower shapes and mosaic-like multicoloured patterns.

The dazzling multicoloured whorls in Millefiori glass bottles lend an impressive visual flair to living, drawing, and dining rooms. Display one as a standout piece on a coffee table or group with flower vases and a stack of art books for a high-impact display.

Storm Glass Decorative Bottles

Storm Glass Decorative Bottles

Ever-changing and mysterious, the artfully designed storm glass bottles contain a unique liquid mixture which reacts to atmospheric conditions to produce crystals and cloud formations inside the container.

Decorating a Victorian drawing room? Place an antique storm glass bottle with a brass frame on a marble mantelpiece alongside books and a candelabra.

Opt for a contemporary acrylic and stainless steel version to enliven a hallway table or shelf with its meteorological allure. This weather-predicting decorative bottle is designed to mesmerise and spark wonder while creating a focal point.

Apothecary Jars as Decorative Bottles

Apothecary Decorative Bottles

Whether modern or vintage, glass apothecary jars tie together old and new, from extra-large lidded dispensers to smaller bottles and jars, the apothecary style features measurements marks and typography.

Use vintage pharmacy finds or newer versions to store cotton balls in bathrooms and organise kitchen goods like pasta and beans. Apothecary jars repurposed as bud vases also bring an old-world botanical charm to room styling.

Display metal-topped apothecary jars filled with candies and hardware supplies or garnished with flowers for a creative vintage presentation.

Recycled Bottles and Glass Containers

Recycled Bottles and Glass Containers

Upcycling discarded glass containers into decorative bottles ties in with eco-friendly decor. Wash out food jars, oil bottles from the kitchen, and empty bell jars – the household recycling bin is a decor gold mine! Paint lids in metallic shades for a flash of shimmer and glue on ribbons.

Fill jars with fairy lights and natural elements like pinecones or dried flowers and row them on a floating shelf against an accent wall. Old-fashioned soda bottles painted chalkboard black get cheeky and topped with polka dot fabric lids and chalk-lettered labels. The options for repurposing bottles creatively are endless.

Displaying Decorative Bottles For Visual Impact

Displaying Decorative Bottles For Visual Impact

Creating Displays By Colour

Grouping glass bottles by colour creates an eye-catching display. The saturated jewel tones of cobalt, emerald, and rich amber glass bottles have a fluid, luminous quality that ties rooms together. A row of turquoise antique bottles against a navy feature wall makes an artistic statement.

Matching the bottle shade to decor details is another stylish idea. Orange glass bottles and vases resonate beautifully with terracotta floors; green glass pops dramatically amidst magenta soft furnishings. Don’t play it safe – go bold!

Big Impact Bottle Collections

Big Impact Bottle Collections

Build depth by amassing a collection of related decorative bottles for high visual impact. Gather glass bottles in the same hue to create a colour block display, or opt for wildly different funky patterned bottles to make audiences smile. Arrange rows of bottles across the mantle or cluster them on consoles and bookshelves as sculptural objects.

Opt for symmetrically placed bottles or intentionally asymmetry for an artfully cluttered effect. Play with heights by placing filled bottles on cake stands next to low trays with sand holding embedded bottles. Making collections the hero pays off!

Backlit Bottle Displays

Backlit Bottle Displays

Illuminating glass bottle displays from behind or underneath transforms rooms after dark. Install wire shelving with grow lights above console tables to highlight prized collectable bottles. Place colour-drenched bottles along the front edge of open cabinets with strip lighting inside to make them glow like lamps.

Position a ledge with rows of translucent patterned bottles before dusky blue-grey glazed subway tiles illuminated with gentle puck lights. The gorgeous refractive light transforms plain bottles into glimmering art installations.

Innovative Ways Of Using Bottles

Room Dividers and Screens

Decorative Bottles as Room Dividers and Screens

Rows of bottles of varying heights make charming vintage-style room dividers. Screw S-hooks at assorted levels into a tall wooden screen frame. Hang bottles at alternating heights using wire or jute to create an interior stained-glass effect.

Opt for embossed patterned bottles or different coloured glass for translucent windows with privacy. For boho interiors, a beaded room divider composed of strings of horizontally laid antique glass bottles makes a pretty statement screen.

Bottle Chandeliers and Pendants

Bottle Chandeliers and Pendants

Vintage glass bottles find new life suspended as glinting pendant lights over dining tables and kitchen islands. Bottlelights showcase your treasured finds while shedding decorative light. Affix antique bottles upside down to circular wooden discs edged with tiny lights.

Wire the discs to transformers and hang them singularly or in clusters as glittering overhead features. Smaller medicine bottles and frosted art deco perfume bottles also transform into twinkling cascading chandelier designs. Light-reflecting glass bottles never fail to enchant.

Bottle Planters

Bottle Planters

Whether it’s a single stem in a slim-necked bottle perched on a console table or a trailing succulent framed by a recycled beer bottle – plants add natural charm to bottle displays. Larger bottles laid on the sides make quirky planters for cacti and vines.

Upturned bottles with bases cut out hold terraced mini gardens. Add pebbles for drainage before filling with potting soil and tuck in tiny plants. Old glass demijohns trimmed in raffia and suspended from trees outdoors sprout ferns for bohemian bottle gardens. Verdant plants complement and soften the hard edges of glass bottles.

Fish Bowls and Terrariums

Fish Bowls and Terrariums

Large bulbous antique bottles, spheres and bell jars lend themselves beautifully to underwater worlds. Fill apothecary bottles, big round carboys, and decluttered bell jars halfway with coloured sand, decorate pebbles before topping them with water, and house delicate fish, snails, or mini reefs.

Plant mini tabletop terrariums inside bell jars and cigar tubes using layers of activated charcoal, mossy substrates and delicate ferns for low-maintenance enclosed ecosystems. Decorative glass bottles morph into living art showcasing nature.

Bottle Crafts

Bottle Crafts

The translucent, reflective surface of glass bottles provides the perfect base for quirky craft projects. Paint bottles chalkboard black to pen witty bar labels. Cut bottles to use as drink coasters or glue coloured shards into mosaic trivets.

Fuse bottles melted in kilns into art glass platters and dishes. Light up bottles by dropping in strands of fairy lights before sealing them to create ambient lanterns. Craft projects open up fun ways of repurposing old bottles rather than relegating them to the recycling bin.

Concluding our Decorative Bottles Guide

Glass bottles never go out of interior decor style. Vintage pharmacy and apothecary bottles, colourful whorls of millefiori glass, and luminous bell jars – decorative bottles infuse personality into decor schemes. Display glass bottles together by colour or design for impactful living room features.

Create glow by backlighting translucent glass. Innovate by using bottles decoratively as terrariums, pendant lights or garden planters. With endless creativity, the options for adding a touch of magic to decor displays with ornamental bottles are endless.

Get collecting and start bottling decor inspiration from flea markets, nature, or your recycle bin!

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